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"I have just completed the one-to-one business coaching program.   Gwen was amazing with a raft of knowledge and experience.   She gave me a structure to my goals and an understanding of my personal needs.  Expertise in her marketing and social media.  She was very patient as  I was a complete novice.   This has made a tremendous difference.   I am now thriving and so excited about my future. I cannot recommend Gwen enough."

Christine, Reiki Therapist / Mediator, Spain

"I have just completed the one to one Thrive to Heal program with Gwen Reiki Master that was amazing, to my surprise it shifted so much for me and released my limiting beliefs and healed some very old scars and trauma.  Throughout this programme, Gwen was caring and supportive with a professional approach   When I got stuck, she was flexible and adaptive. This made such a difference to my budding progress.   Being a Family Practitioner  I was caught up looking after everyone else except myself. The Thrive to Heal program was an awakening for me.   I committed to doing the homework and followed her guidance.   I would highly recommend Gwen and her programme is amazing.   I can’t thank Gwen enough."

Christine, Reiki Therapist / Mediator, Spain

“Having my coaching sessions with Gwen meant a lot for me. I was going through a very hard moment of my life and.. I was scared and weak, even if I’ve always been a strong person in my life. Gwen was by my side all the time and helped me find again that light of self-confidence, strength, positivity, trust. At the end of my journey with her I’m now excited to go on and see what’s next for me and I know it’s all good. I’ll be always thankful to her for my whole life”

Manuela, Life Coach, Italy

"Gwen is a supportive and encouraging Coach who helped to face my limiting beliefs, in order for me to see and unlock my greatness. Over the past 12 weeks, I stepped out of my comfort zone and began doing things I was convinced I wasn't good enough to do. My self-love grew tremendously and I began to see myself in a whole new light. The Thrive process helped me to become more self-aware and Gwen provided me with the tools and knowledge I needed to tackle my mental challenges. I'm happy I made this investment in myself because it was worth it. Thank you, Gwen!!"

Sherene - Pilates Business Owner, Croydon

'Before the transformation work guided by Gwen, I felt scared and anxious that I was going back down the career ladder instead of progressing. Using the tools advised by Gwen I was able to focus and manifest to the position I wanted to be in. I now love what I do and am respected by managers, colleagues and suppliers. I feel empowered and have the strength to grow further by continuously practising and using the tools.'

Lilie, IT Manager, Harrow

'My coaching experience with Gwen was extraordinary and way beyond my expectations. I joined the experience mainly to help me let go of many fears of mine such as public speaking. Gwen is a beautiful being, with a very kind heart who understands you and support your goals.  Everything is perfectly designed to help people heal and thrive, and Gwen shares super efficient tools that will stay with you for life.  Thank you Gwen for sharing your knowledge and gifts with us.'

Ghita, Business Owner, London

"Gwen knew how to hold space for me to find the confidence and take the actions needed to run my Reiki Courses and yoga classes and manifest holistic clients. Her high understanding and years of experience in the art of running an energy healing business have added significant value to my coaching journey with her. With each weekly coaching session, I have seen immediate progress with my professional goals and spiritual growth."

Maria Alfaro, Founder Saraswatis Universe, London

I now do not embrace the "why me" attitude. There were so many tools given to us and a lot of support from Gwen. I also know the Universe has my back and also how to connect. I feel more confident now when issues arise. The really big moment was the inner child work. I found out so much that has shaped the way I am in terms of how I see myself.

I know I have really moved my life forward and each day I feel the change more and more. I needed something. I think it’s a great investment in me.  Thank you Gwen’

Anita, Reiki Therapist, Colchester

'This Heal Your Heart and Thrive course was transformational, it finally helped me release blocks in moving forward with many aspects of my life.  Through Gwen’s warm, caring and professional guidance, I was able to release blocks I never knew were there and learnt how to deal with obstacles in reaching my goals. The great thing is that these tools are with me forever. I’m truly transformed into having an abundance of self-love, more positive relationships and living in the moment with ease. These changes were instantaneous!!! Thank you Gwen for creating an amazing course and supporting me throughout, whenever I needed guidance!

Sharan- HR Manager, Buckinghamshire 

'The Heal Your Heart & Thrive Programme sessions were very deep and powerful, which dealt with the root of things. Gwen, is a caring, compassionate person, oozing with love. I now feel emotionally free from the obstacles that were holding me back and can continue working on myself with tools that have empowered the new me!  Thank you Gwen for being the beautiful you!'

Angie, East London

Thank you so much for yesterday's coaching session. It has helped me to focus my mind on the day to day practicalities of my "new situation" and also helped me with dealing with some of my deep-rooted insecurities. Once again many thanks for your support and guidance. I look forward to our next session."

Sharon, South London

I had such a great coaching experience with Gwen. She helped me work through some hurt I was struggling to get over, and the combined energy healing really relieved a lot of my emotional tension.  A very uplifting healing experience. 

Rhian - Croydon, Surrey

Today's meditation was an amazing experience. The atmosphere was really nice with a great small group of people. The meditations were really varied and Gwen's voice is lovely and soothing.  I highly recommend it!

Dee - N.W. London

Very insightful! Thank you!  I felt comfortable, learned loads and now feel encouraged to get into the habit of meditation with a purpose.


Sannchia - London

Extremely insightful day. Gwen is amazing at both explaining the theory and providing guidance on the practice. Gwen has a unique ability to create a trusting environment where everyone feels safe to share.

Lionel, West London

A peaceful setting. I loved the size of the group (something I was initially concerned about - not sure why). It was and became even more of a safe space.  I appreciated having the opportunity to learn about all types of meditations, which I can participate in, in the future.

Solange, SE London

It was amazing! Great space for sharing, very safe. The meditations were very insightful and varied.

Tasha, Camberwell, London




This course was beyond all expectations. Gwen was so knowledgeable, empathetic and wise, perfectly adapting to our needs and wishes as well as creating a wonderful atmosphere.  The venue was magical, nestled in nature and perfect for renewal and self-reflection. Thank you!!

Emma , Switzerland

Very informative and a very relaxed environment.  Gwen made the whole experience feel very comfortable.  I feel proud to have done this course and I look forward to doing Reiki 2 sometime.

Glenn, West London

Very powerful experience. I'm overjoyed to add Reiki to my spiritual practices. For me it's the missing element I'm happy I will be able to use Reiki energy to heal others and myself. Beautiful experience!

Christine, Beckenham

Absolutely amazing course with a great balance of practical and well informed theory and science. Gwen is wonderful and created a safe educational environment allowing for learning and fun.

Elizabeth, Crystal Palace, London

It was a wonderful experience.  I learnt everything I needed to and can't wait to do Reiki 2. Thank you Gwen

Lauries, SE London

The Reiki 2 Course was amazing. The energy attunement was so powerful. It changed my view and feeling.  It also cleared and healed me personally.  I was in a safe and secure place supported by Gwen who is so caring and loving and full of experience.

Christine, Beckenham

Amazing! Better than I was expecting. Good size group. Everyone was lovely and friendly.  I will be coming back for Level 2.  Thank you for the amazing experience.

Daniela, N. London

I loved Gwen and the group.  So much to still be learnt and very happy that I took this step for a better life full of love.

Anon, London

Whole experience was great! The group was very nice and friendly, very well explained.  Thank you for the new spiritual experience!

Lana, London











"I have had a massive shift since my session. My arthritis pain is not so painful and when I wake up before I needed to run my hands under alternate hot and cold taps to relieve the stiffness and swelling and I haven’t had to do that since. I have slept without my meds and feel clear-headed. My stomach bug has finally started to shift and yesterday I had my first proper meal in two weeks and I was able to do a long drive on Saturday night without pain. I can't thank you enough and I will definitely be back to continue the healing...God bless you Gwen"

Anita Bhardwaj, Croydon

Gwen's treatment was a beautiful experience for me. I felt really relaxed, really calm and at the same time, could really sense I was receiving something powerful. Gwen is very skilled, with a very clear intention and intuition. In two words, powerful treatments!

Caroline, Leytonstone, London

I didn't know what to expect at my first reiki session. I felt extremely relaxed afterwards.  All I wanted to do was sleep and I slept very well.  I remained feeling calm and serene for a few days afterwards which made me feel happy within myself and made me react to things in a calmer way.   Now that I have had a couple of sessions, I would highly recommend it to anyone. This is good therapy for the soul. Thank you Gwen.  I so needed it.


Angie, East Ham, London



I had my first Reiki session today and it was such a relaxing and soothing experience.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to re-energise their body and soul.  Gwen has a lovely personality and calming manner and this made me feel completely at ease during the session


Maria, Norwood, London



Thank you so much for yesterday's session. It has helped me to focus my mind on the day to day practicalities of my "new situation". I am looking forward to "becoming a butterfly" and hopefully, this will help me to become a stronger person.  Once again many thanks for your support and guidance.  

Sharon, Surrey


I love my Reiki sessions with Gwen.  She always makes me feel very relaxed and centred. Gwen has a lovely calming aura and has wonderful healing hands. Looking forward to my next Reiki Session.


Elaine, Essex


A beautiful Reiki treatment.. Gwen was so calm and down to earth which made it very easy for me trust  her and generally make the whole experience worthwhile. Would definitely recommend her!! A very talented lady.

Henna, Uxbridge​​

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