Life Coaching

​As a Transformational Life Coach of 10 years, I help women who have been through a traumatic breakup, divorce or separation, to heal, regain confidence and create their best life!


Having been through a painful divorce several years ago, I know first-hand how, even after several years, a breakup can affect your confidence, leaving you feeling stuck, guarded, overwhelmed and not good enough. I also realised that I had sacrificed my own goals and dreams for my relationship.


Thankfully, I was able to quickly transform that energy to powerfully focus on me, boost my self-confidence, open my heart and manifest the goals I wanted to achieve for me and my family.

I felt excited about my life again!

If you are ready to heal past wounds, stop self-sabotage and finally see your life goals manifest, I can help you. 

Maybe your life is pretty good right now but there's one area that's always challenging for you.


Whether you want better relationships, to start your own business, have a fulfilling career or attract financial abundance, together we will do the inner work and take the external steps you need to move powerfully towards your desires so you can create an easier, more fulfilling and happier life.

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1 to 1 Coaching

My Approach

Transformational Coaching profoundly helps you to achieve the permanent change you want, not only within any area of your life but within you.


 I use powerful coaching techniques, together with various spiritual and energy-based healing processes to transform your negative emotions, limiting beliefs or challenges that have held you back, resulting in a more impactful and transformational coaching experience.

Gwen Allison
Accredited Transformational Life Coach since 2008, Member of the Association for Coaching
CNHC Verified Reiki Master / Teacher & Member of the Reiki Federation
PSYCH-K®  Facilitator
Accredited Meditation Teacher
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