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30 Tips for a Fulfilling Relationship

I originally wrote this list in 2009.  Looking at it several years later, there actually isn't much I would change, so I decided to share it with you.  Let me know if it helps or if you would add anything that works for you.

Relationship tips

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7 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration

If you're sensitive to energy or if you just want to move quickly from feeling negative to feeling good, you'll find some great tips in this free ebook.

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3 Ways to Boost Your Body Confidence

Learn three simple ways to boost your body confidence without diet or exercise! Taken from my 'Remove Blocks to Love' Series these techniques can be used whether you're looking for love or not.

3 Ways to Boost Your Body Confidence (1)

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50 Daily Affirmations

This beautiful pdf gives you 50 powerful affirmations across health, wealth, love, career and life.  Easy to print out and put on your wall so you can read them everyday.  There's also a page for you to write 10 of your own, personal affirmations.


Affirmations are positive statements used to replace and counteract habitual, nagative thoughts and beliefs.  Click on the topics below to reveal 10+ positive affirmations.  You can print them out and carry them with you or put them somewhere where you can see them daily.


Try to repeat them (with feeling) twice a day for 40 days.  Once in the morning and once before you go to sleep.  After only a few weeks of doing this, things will start to shift and you'll notice signs that your vibration is rising.

Affirmations to Attract Love
Affirmations for Self Love
Affirmations for Work
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Reiki Principles

Happiness Hacks

Here are 3 great Happiness Hacks which can be used to easily and quickly transform negative feelings to more positive ones.  Click on the image or link to reveal the full document which you are welcome to print. If using a mobile phone  it's best to turn it sideways.
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Be of Service to Others

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Quickly Release Negative Feelings

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Have Moments of Pure Appreciation

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3 Books That Changed My Life

Below are 3 books that I can honestly say have influenced my life and advanced my spiritual journey more than any others. I am constantly reading something inspirational so this list may change as I devour more spiritual food so keep checking this page for updates. Click on the title or image to see more information.

Power of the Subconscious Mind Review

This book was written in the 1960s,  however I only discovered it in 2018 but as they say 'nothing happens before its time'. I'm not a church goer but I do combine my meditation with prayers for myself and my family and I adapted my praying style based on what I had learned from this book. I've had many little miracles occur as a result. 


This book teaches us how to pray and affirm in a powerfully, positive way. Don't be put off! It isn't full of bible quotes and preaching, just great information about how our subconscious mind works and how we can easily tap into it to work with its power.  There are plenty of real-life examples, stories and simple methods that I'm sure will resonate with you and your current situation. 

The Law of Attraction Review

I first read this book over 10 years ago at the beginning of my spiritual journey. it was my introduction to the Law of Attraction. 'The Secret' was actually based on the teachings of the authors of this book. The information contained has been channeled through Esther Hicks who connects to a non-physical entity called 'Abraham'. The teachings remind us that 'our thoughts and feelings create our reality', 'We get what we expect', 'Change our vibration to match what we want and it has no choice but to come to us - It is a Universal Law'. The information was new to me yet, at the same time, it resonated strongly, as if deep down I had always known this truth.


Everything I read opened my mind to who I really was, why things were not going well in my life and what I could do or think to change things internally which would then be reflected externally. In the book Jerry Hicks asks some tough questions of Abraham and these are questions I had always wanted to know the answer to. Questions about life, poverty, war and why we are here.  All are answered in this incredible book. Ten years later, I still listen to Abraham Hicks on YouTube every day The  message has evolved over time and is still very relevant in today's complex, on-demand world.


Gaining an understanding of the science behind spiritual practices such as meditation and positive thinking completely shifted my perspective of spirituality from an intangible belief to something based on scientific fact.  Dr Joe Dispenza's easy, uncomplicated delivery makes the scientific explanations accessible to everyone.

Dr Joe Dispenza had a life-changing experience following a serious accident in his twenties which left him with a broken back and destined to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, He used visualisation to mentally rebuild his vertebrae one by one and was eventually able to walk again, much to the amazement of his doctors. His philosophy is 'The power that made the body heals the body'. He went on to study various sciences such Quantum Physics and Epigenitics which further deepened his spirituality and his belief that we can heal ourselves using the power of our mind.

Knowing what's happening chemically within our body, within our heart and within our brain whilst we meditate or feel fear, anger or happiness made everything fit into place for me. I've gone on to read all of his books and have attended his transformational workshops.  In short, I can't get enough of Dr Joe Dispenza's life-changing work.

Meditation Audios

More Affirmations

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My Top 10 Spiritual Books
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