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Gwen Allison
My Spiritual Butterfly 
Tel: 07415 377 535
How to book
To book a Reiki treatment, please complete the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible.
Thank you!
Reiki Treatment Sessions
Reiki healing treatments can be booked for 60 or 90 minutes. Treatments take place in the relaxing comfort of my home but they can also be conducted remotely if preferred (see 'Distance Reiki Treatments' below).  

Reiki Session Fees

60 minute Healing Reiki Session - £60.00
Save! Book 3 sessions for £170
Full Body Reiki treatment to balance all the chakras and start the healing process.
90 Minute Intensive Healing Reiki Session - £85.00
Save! Book 3 sessions for £240
More time is spent on problem areas and blockages to achieve deeper cellular healing and shifts.
Distance Reiki Treatment Sessions
With this option the entire session is conducted remotely without being face-to-face, at a suitable time when you can relax without any disturbances. If you are unable to travel or if you prefer the convenience, Distance Reiki is just as powerful as face-to-face treatments so you will still feel the same benefits. I will contact you before the session starts and once the session is over so we can share feedback.
Distant Reiki Session Fees
60 minute Distance Healing Reiki Session - £40.00
Save! Book 3 sessions for £110
90 Minute Distance Intensive Healing Reiki Session - £65
Save! Book 3 sessions for £180