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Just as the little caterpillar will one day transform into a beautiful, vibrant butterfly, flying freely as it explores new horizons, this same positive transformation and limitless expansion can be achieved by all of us, at any stage in our lives.
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As an experienced Transformation Life Coach, Reiki Healer and Reiki Master/Teacher of over 10 years, I am dedicated to creating space for others to heal and open their minds to new possibilities, whilst supporting them every step of the way.

Whether we are co-creating through a life coaching journey, a reiki healing session or a beautifully healing reiki training course, I will compassionately guide you forward towards your desires so you can embrace your full potential and live fully in your truth.
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Hey there!

I'm Gwen and I’m passionate about empowering you to heal and grow by embracing new possibilities so you can thrive in all areas of your life.


If you are open to growth whether, through a coaching relationship or a Reiki Therapist course, my purpose is to inspire you to find the courage to step into the brightest version of yourself.


My spiritual journey of expansion started almost 15 years ago with the discovery of inspirational teachings such as The Law of Attraction and The Secret. I was finally able to understand how deeply our interpretation of our experiences affects our reality and how, by changing our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviours we can, not only transform our future experiences but, we can positively change every area of our lives. 


This was a powerful mindset shift for me, which helped me get through the pain of a divorce and a stressful redundancy, whilst balancing being a busy, working, single mum.

Reiki is a profoundly beautiful reconnection to self

Bringing a true harmonising of mind, body and soul, Reiki rebalances our emotions, heals our physical body and restores our mental wellbeing.


Founded by a Japanese Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui over 100 years ago, Reiki translates to Universal spiritual energy. This beautifully loving energy has always existed and naturally flows within all of us and within all living things.


As we encounter the stresses and challenges of life, we may be left feeling physically and emotionally depleted. Reiki is a deeply relaxing treatment that helps with any physical, emotional and spiritual problem, restoring the body's own ability to heal itself.


Mikao Usui’s intention was for Reiki to bring health and happiness to everyone...without exception.

To discover more about my Reiki courses and workshops, or to book a Reiki healing treatment or if you wish to find out more about Life Coaching then please feel free to explore these pages or get in touch.



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Client Love

This Reiki course was beyond all expectations. Gwen was so knowledgeable, empathetic and wise, perfectly adapting to our needs and wishes as well as creating a wonderful atmosphere...perfect for renewal and self-reflection. Thank you!!​

Emma, Geneva

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