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About Me

I'm Gwen Allison and I'm a Reiki Master / Teacher, Advanced Life Coach and the founder of  My Spiritual Butterfly.
My spiritual journey started well over 10 years ago with the discovery of teachings such as the Law of Attraction and The Secret. I was able to understand how deeply our thoughts can affect our reality and how by changing negative thoughts that don't serve us, to thoughts that do serve us, we can change everything in our lives. This new way of thinking gave me my power back whilst coping with the trauma of a divorce and redundancy, helping me to, not only overcome those traumas, but also allowing me to create a new life. I subsequently felt drawn to help others going through similar experiences and this led me to become an Accredited Life Coach in 2008.
A few years later I discovered Reiki and loved how effective it was for emotional, physical or spiritual healing. I was encouraged by the positive feedback I received from those I gave a Reiki treatment to and this inspired me to study all levels of the Usui Reiki healing system.
Over the years, being a Reiki Healer has not only given me a tool to heal, I have also become calmer, more balanced and have deepened my spiritual connection.
In order to share the tremendous benefits of Reiki and empower others to heal themselves, I teach regular Reiki Training Courses in London, offer Reiki healing treatments in Croydon and incorporate Reiki into my healing Workshops Working with this powerful healing system is a continual passion for me and I love that Reiki perfectly complements my Life Coaching practice allowing me to offer it as an option to my coaching clients if they choose.
It feels incredible to know that using my Life Coaching skills and Reiki, I have been able to help my family, friends and clients successfully transform their lives by achieving the changes they wanted whilst helping them overcome various physical and emotional blockages.
As well as being an Accredited Advanced Life Coach, I am a CNHC verified Reiki Master Teacher and a member of the Reiki Association.
If you would like to work with me or if you have any questions at all please get in touch!


Mobile: 07415377535