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What is Reiki

Reiki Benefits

What is Reiki

Reiki Benefits

What do I need to do or bring

When will I see results

Session Fees

What is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced 'Ray-Key', is a Japanese healing system discovered in the early 1900s by a Japanese Buddhist monk called Mikao Usui.
Reiki is the channeling of healing energy or light from what we might describe as Heaven or the Universe. This energy flows through the Practitioner's hands to the client, supporting the body's own natural ability to heal and re-balance. It releases energy blockages and allows your own life-force to flow freely.
There are no side-affects or contra-indications so this treatment is suitable for everyone including pregnant women, children, babies and even pets.

The client lies fully clothed on a comfortable therapy table whilst the Practitioner either hovers their hands above, or places them on, major energy centres along the body called Chakras.  There are seven key Chakra energy points along the body. These Chakras govern major organs, glands and emotions in the area where they are based.  For example, the third energy point is the Solar Plexus which is situated at the top of the abdomen.  This governs the stomach, digestion, the nervous system and the pancreas gland.  Emotionally, this Chakra energy point affects self-worth, self-doubt, nervousness and anxiety. 

Reiki Benefits

The healing energy of Reiki is effective with most physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.  
These include:
  • Pain relief
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Worry
  • Insomnia
  • Post-surgery healing
  • Feeling stuck in any area of your life
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Spiritual disconnection
During the session the client may experience heat, coolness or a tingly, static sensation where the hands are placed but this is not normally an uncomfortable feeling and is a sign that the energy is working.
All clients find Reiki extremely relaxing. Other benefits include clarity, fine-tuned intuition, a feeling of calm and balance. I personally do 30 minutes of self-Reiki meditation every morning to maintain a balanced life and to increase the Reiki energy received when I am working with my clients.

What do I need to do or bring?

There isn't anything you need to do or bring.  As you will be lying down you may want to wear loose, comfortable clothing but this is not essential.   All you need to do is relax. Clients often fall asleep during their session which is absolutely fine.

When will I see results?

Most clients feel some relief after just one session, others may need several sessions for the Reiki energy to do its work and to see improvement 
of deeper issues.  Some clients enjoy the relaxation and the calmness so much that they book regular sessions just for their general wellbeing.  If you would like to optimise healing, the Intensive Healing Reiki Sessions allow more time to be spent on problem areas resulting in deeper, cellular healing.



Session Fees
60 minute Healing Reiki Session - £60.00
Save! Book 3 sessions for £170
Full body Reiki treatment to balance all the chakras and start the healing process. 
90 Minute Intensive Healing Reiki Session - £85.00
Save! Book 3 sessions for £240
More time is spent on problem areas to achieve deeper cellular healing.
Distance Reiki Healing 
If for some reason you are unable to visit me for your Reiki session, distance Reiki is just as powerful as face-to-face sessions.
60 minute Distance Healing Reiki Session - £40.00
Save! Book 3 sessions for £110
90 Minute Distance Intensive Healing Reiki Session - £65
Save! Book 3 sessions for £180
Please note that Reiki is a healing therapy which works well alongside standard medical treatment. However, Reiki should not be seen as a replacement for medical treatment and you should always consult your doctor with any serious medical conditions.
Wha is Reiki
What is Reiki
What is Reiki
How does Reiki work

Usui Reiki 1 , 2 & Master

Training Courses!

Learn how to heal and energetically balance yourself, your family, your friends and even your pets using this beautifully simple, ancient palm healing therapy. 


Reiki works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to bring about holistic healing. Anyone can learn Reiki and kick start the miraculous healing process that naturally resides within us all . 

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