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What is Reiki
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Learn how to heal and energetically balance yourself, your family, your friends and even your pets using this beautifully simple, ancient palm healing therapy.

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What is Reiki

Reiki Benefits

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What is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced 'Ray-Key', is a Japanese healing system discovered in the early 1900s by a Japanese Buddhist monk called Mikao Usui.
Reiki means 'spiritual life-force energy'. When you are connected to this loving energy during a reiki treatment it gently flows through you initiating your body's own natural ability to heal itself and re-balance. Reiki releases energy blockages and allows your life-force to flow freely.
There are no contraindications for Reiki so this treatment is suitable for everyone including pregnant women, children, babies and even pets.

During a treatment, you will lie fully clothed on a comfortable therapy couch whilst I place my hands above or on, major energy centres along the body called Chakras.  There are seven key Chakra energy points along the body. These Chakras govern major organs, glands and emotions in the area where they are based. 
For example, the third energy point is the Solar Plexus which is situated at the top of the abdomen. This governs the stomach, the kidneys, digestion, the nervous system and the pancreas.  Emotionally, this energy centre affects your self-worth, self-doubt, nervousness and anxiety.

Reiki Benefits

The healing energy of Reiki is effective with most physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.  
These include:
  • Pain relief
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Worry
  • Insomnia
  • Post-surgery healing
  • Feeling stuck in any area of your life
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Spiritual disconnection
Other benefits include clarity, fine-tuned intuition, a feeling of calmness and balance. I like to do 30 minutes of self-Reiki meditation every morning to maintain a healthy, balanced life and to increase the flow of Reiki energy when I am healing.

What do I need to do or bring?

You will be asked to remove your shoes but will remain fully clothed. As you will be lying down on a couch, or sitting in a chair if you prefer, you may want to wear loose, comfortable clothing. It is also advisable to avoid alcohol before a treatment  Apart from that, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the treatment.
What happens during a treatment?
Experiences during a Reiki treatment vary. Some people see beautiful colours and images that mean something to them, some feel a slight tingling sensation, others feel heat or cold in certain areas. Some feel floaty and light whilst others may feel heavy and grounded. Some people may also cry or laugh as blocked energy is released.
People often fall asleep during their session which is absolutely fine.

When will I see results?

Most clients feel some relief after just one session, others may need several sessions for the Reiki energy to do its work and to see improvement of deeper issues.  Some clients enjoy the relaxation and the calmness so much that they book regular sessions for their general wellbeing.  If you would like to optimise your healing, the Intensive Healing Reiki Sessions allow more time to be spent on problem areas resulting in deeper, cellular healing.


Reiki Treatment Sessions
**As I am CNHC Registered, I have the approval to continue to offer in-person Reiki treatments during all Covid Tiers (1-4) as it is a benefit to mental health**
Reiki healing treatments can be booked for 60 or 90 minutes. Treatments take place in the relaxing comfort of my home but they can also be conducted remotely if preferred (see 'Distance Reiki Treatments' below).  

Reiki Session Fees

60-minute Healing Reiki Session - £60.00
Save! Book 3 sessions for £170
Full Reiki treatment to balance all the chakras and start the healing process.
90-Minute Intensive Healing Reiki Session - £85.00
Save! Book 3 sessions for £240
More time is spent on problem areas and blockages achieving deeper cellular healing and shifts.
Distance Reiki Treatment Sessions
With this option, the entire session is conducted remotely without being face-to-face, at a suitable time when you can relax without any disturbances. If you are unable to travel or if you prefer the convenience, Distance Reiki is just as powerful as face-to-face treatments so you will still feel the same benefits. I will contact you before the session starts and once the session is over so we will share feedback. It is important to ensure you are sitting or lying down when the treatment takes place. You can also opt to have the treatment whilst on Zoom.
Distant Reiki Session Fees
60-minute Distance Healing Reiki Session - £50.00
Save! Book 3 sessions for £140
90-Minute Distance Intensive Healing Reiki Session - £70
Save! Book 3 sessions for £195
If you would like to give a friend or loved one the gift of Reiki you can now purchase Gift Vouchers for all of the above options
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Please note that Reiki is a healing therapy which works well alongside standard medical treatment. However, Reiki should not be seen as a replacement for medical treatment and you should always consult your doctor with any serious medical conditions.

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