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4 Stages of Consciousness

Updated: Oct 17

Michael Beckwith from Agape International has been a Spiritual Teacher since the ’80s. One of the most profound things I’ve learned from listening to his teachings over the years is his belief that there are 4 stages of consciousness which equate to our spiritual development.

Stage 1 - ‘To Me’ Consciousness

This is where we believe life is happening to us. We believe we have no control over our lives or its course and so we see ourselves as a ‘victim’ of our circumstances.

This is our usual reaction when we experience something we don’t like, or when things don’t go our way. We continually blame others, our parents, our circumstances or other external factors like the economy. Anything that makes what is happening to us someone else's responsibility.

Stage 2 - ‘By Me’ Consciousness

This is when we begin to take our power back, as we realise that we no longer need to be a ‘victim‘ of life, but we can positively affect our reality and our experiences. At this stage, we start to observe our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

We begin to transform so we are more in alignment with what we want and who we want to be, rather than what we don’t want.

As a result, our reality shifts and we create a life lived on purpose.

Stage 3 - ‘Through Me’ Consciousness

This stage usually emerges when something is not going well in our life and we have tried everything in our spiritual toolbox to change things. Then suddenly, in complete despair, we just stop, we let go, we surrender. We allow Consciousness to flow through us and in that moment of surrender, the solution is revealed or the change manifests.

If we find ourselves pushing, trying and forcing, we have to trust that there are infinite possibilities for every situation and trust that the Universe has it in hand.

There is an external broadcast that is always happening and we are here to tune in, to listen to it and then to be its expression. - Michael Beckwith

Stage 4 - ‘As Me’ Consciousness

If we reach this stage we not only develop an intellectual understanding that we are all connected but we become Oneness and actually feel that connection. We have deep compassion for all living things and can see without judgement or attachment to people, things or outcomes. This is true freedom, true inner-peace.

In this state, we understand that nothing is wrong and nothing is right, it just 'is'. When we apply meaning to things, people and situations we limit their potential for growth and transformation. As we hold that thing, person or situation in the energy we have decided it belongs within, it cannot show up in our lives as anything other than what we expect.

How Do We Move Through the Stages

It's extremely unlikely that we will reach Stage 2, 3 or even 4 and remain there permanently so we mustn't be disappointed when we find ourselves back at Stage 1. The intention is to consciously progress through each stage as each perceived, negative event occurs in our lives. Choosing to observe our feelings when something happens or someone says something we decide is hurtful and then seeking to move from ‘To Me’ Consciousness, to the next stage, whilst being kind and compassionate to ourselves, results in our spiritual expansion.

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