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How Heartache Led Me to Reiki

26 Aug 2018


Most Reiki Practitioners first discover Reiki whilst on a path to healing themselves and it was exactly the same for me.


I had just ended a short relationship after a year and half. It was hard to do emotionally but one of the reasons was that he was a little too controlling. Anyone who knows me will tell you how calm and easy-going I am. However, it wasn't until it was over that I realised just how much I'd lost myself in the relationship. I had forgotten about my own goals and aspirations. Having mainly had jobs where I had to make all the decisions and tell other people what to do everyday, it was initially very refreshing to have someone ‘take control’ so I didn't have to think about very muchAfter a while, however, this relationship dynamic starts to wear thin and you realise it’s not good for you. It’s not who you truly are.




After ending the relationship, I sat down to think about what I really wanted my life to look like and who I wanted to be. I re-assessed and reconnected with my goals. 


There were five things I wanted to do:


  1. Get over the emotions quickly so I could feel good.

  2. Find ways to raise my vibration so I only attracted equal, harmonious relationships in the future.

  3. Become a therapist so I could be of service to others.

  4. Rediscover my creativity through past hobbies like my love of writing and making natural beauty products.

  5. Start my own part-time business doing everything I enjoyed doing.




I had received a Reiki treatment many years ago. At the time I didn't feel anything or notice any changes so I didn’t go back. However, now Reiki kept coming up in my Google searches for ‘healing therapies’ and in conversations so I looked into it further. I didn't really understand what Reiki was but I was strongly drawn to it, so I booked myself on a Reiki 1 Course not really knowing what to expect. This was a real turning point for me.


I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to learn and to actually do. I loved how well I connected with other people on the course. I resonated with the meditations, the simple principles and the fact that the hand positions didn’t have to be perfect. As long as you set the intention to connect to Reiki it would flow where it was needed.


After the course, I started to treat my family and friends and was always thrilled when I heard their feedback. They felt warmth, tingling, saw colours, felt floaty or calm and everyone told me how well they slept after a treatment - Reiki is great for insomniacs.




I consistently did self-Reiki every morning. For the first time in my life I could actually feel energy. It was a lovely tingling sensation running through my back, so I knew it was having an affect. I felt that I had found my passion in life so I continued to train.  I did the Reiki 2 Course and eventually the Reiki Master Course.


The changes I had hoped for happened subtly as soon as I completed Reiki 1. I felt happier, calmer and I felt like I’d found my purpose. Being a Reiki Therapist allowed me to work with others in such an easy, enjoyable way. I never felt drained after a session which was important to my own wellbeing. 


I noticed that things seemed to flow to me more easily. I found that the only cosmetics manufacturing regulations course in Europe happened to be right on my doorstep in Croydon! I did the course and then started My Spiritual Butterfly offering Reiki sessions and selling handmade natural beauty products. As for writing, having a blog on my website perfectly satisfied my creative need to write and express myself.


I also noticed that I was attracting new, harmonious, like-minded people into my life and those who didn't match that energy naturally moved away.




Being able to share Reiki with others is one of my new primary goals. When people discover that they can do it too and they hear the positive feedback from the person they're treating, they feel encouraged to carry on. 


If you would like to learn Reiki so you can enjoy it's benefits and see improvements in your health, your mood and all areas of your life then why not join me for the next Reiki 1 Course. It will be the beginning of an amazing journey.


To find out more about Reiki or for more information on my Reiki 1 and 2 Courses click here.


Love and Light

Gwen x








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