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Make 2019 Your Special Year!

26 Dec 2018


Time to Set Our Intentions for 2019!


I love this time of year. We have a whole 365 days of possibilities to look forward to.  We can start with a blank canvas and paint our dreams and desires for an amazing year ahead. I love the idea of intentions and affirmations rather than making 'New Year Resolutions'. Setting resolutions makes us focus on the things that are wrong that we think has to be fixed. If we fail to achieve what we resolved to do, we feel that failure in such an unworthy way, as if we've broken a promise and let ourselves down.  With 'resolutions' there's no Divine magic, no star dust.  We have to work out how to logically get to where we want to be and there's a lot of 'hard work' and 'effort' involved.  With intentions and affirmations there's Divine magic, star dust, imagination and complete trust that what we want will manifest into our lives.  Doesn't that feel so much easier!



What are Intentions & Affirmations?




Intentions and Affirmations are positive statements about the things you desire to happen in your life. When saying an intention or affirmation the key is to feel the emotion you would feel if you already had your desire.  


Using intentions is also a great way to transform a worrying future event or to let others know what you want if you're having a conversation. So rather than saying 'I want...' or 'I hope...' which will literally leave you'wanting' or 'hoping' and never 'having', you say 'I intend to...'. 


Examples of intentions:


'I intend to start a successful smoothie business which I love running'


'I intend to receive a promotion at work that instantly doubles my income'


'I intend to be calmer and have more fun with the kids'


'I intend to make healthier food choices and enjoy the extra energy I have'


'I intend to have a mutually harmonious and productive meeting'


When setting your desires for the year, it's more powerful to write your list of intentions as affirmations. So they should ideally be written in the present tense, in the first person and they should be positive so no 'I don't want's' in there.


Example of Affirmations:


'I am running a successful smoothie business which I love!'


'I am now a senior manger at work and my income has doubled!'


'I am calmer and have move fun with the kids.'


'I am making healthier food choices and enjoy the extra energy I have.'


Both Intentions and Affirmations feel easier, less judgmental and more hopeful. More importantly, both allow us to surrender the 'hows' to a higher power and to the quantum field where all possibilities exist. It allows us to exercise our power to dream, to choose and to be more open to seeing something different. This expectancy begins to change the vibration we are emitting and allows us to line up with the vibrational energy of what we want. Coincidences begin to happen, you'll be guided towards helpful people, useful information, positive signals and be inspired to take action, all indicators that your are on course to achieve your desires. 


The late Dr Wayne Dyer was a great advocate of Intentions. In his book  'The Power of Intentions' he explains how easy it is to manifest using intentions. I've also included a video below in which he sheds more light on this process.


How to Use the Power of Intention


We can set intentions for anything we would like to 'be', 'do' or 'have' no matter how big or small, realistic or seemingly unrealistic. It's our wish list for the year or for anytime in our lives. As well as writing down my intentions for the year, I mentally set positive intentions each morning for the day ahead and also just before any key event like a work meeting or before I teach a workshop. This ensures things go well for all parties involved.  It never fails.



Setting Your Intentions & Affirmations for 2019


1. Buy a Journal



First treat yourself to a beautiful, new Journal, one which makes your heart sing every time you look at the cover. With the Christmas sales coming up you should easily be able to find something you love at an affordable price. I typically go for something with beautiful butterflies on the cover (surprise, surprise).


Once you've written your list for the year, you can still use the journal as a daily gratitude book or to jot down ideas and inspirations as they come to you.



2. Take Time to Think About All Areas of Your Life




Take time to sit somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. Perhaps light some candles and play some soothing music.  Get into a relaxed mindful state then imagine what you want your life to look like in the following Life Areas:


Health, Spirituality, Wellbeing, Family / Home, Love, Career, Money


You may have one strong goal that you want for next year and this is fine, but for the New Year Intentions I would recommend you take time to visualise all aspects of your life and set intentions for each area.  I have listed the areas again below with some prompters to help you. 


Life Areas



Natural medicines, relationship with food, exercise, fun activities, body, self-image, nature, outdoors, natural healing.



​Connection to source, personal traits ie kindness & compassion, learning, inspirational teachers, inspirational books, spiritual workshops, meditation, self-development, helping others, teaching others, volunteering.



Hobbies, social life, friendships, fun, music, dance, travel, creativity, sleep, relaxation, more time.


Family / Home

Harmony, support, fun, children, elderly parents, children's success, home improvements, new home, personal sanctuary, home office, meditation room.



New Job, promotion, own business, business success, business ideas, working from home, working part-time, doing what you love, pay increase, feeling respected and valued at work, fun environment, interesting work, challenging work, learning new things, expertise.



Freedom, ease, continual flow, income, spending, financial management, excess money, unexpected sources, investments, savings, windfalls, budgeting, good advisors and accountants, passive income, new ideas for generating income, material items e.g. new car.



New relationship, improved relationship, self-love, unconditional love, mutual love, soul-mate, marriage, independence, fun, ease, harmonious relationships.


3. Write Your Intentions




Start by writing at the top of the page:


'My Intentions for 2019' 


Then write each affirmation as a full sentence e.g.

'I am attracting like-minded, spiritual friends into my life'. 


You can write them under each Life Area or simply list away.



It's a lovely process to go through. Once you've written your list you don't have to look at it again but it's sometimes nice to review your list mid-way through the year and find that you can actually start to tick things off.   


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this process in the comments box below and learn how setting affirmations or intentions has worked for you.


As they say..


"Reach for the stars and you might just hit the moon!"


Gwen x



Dr Wayne Dyer - The Power of Intention



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