Reiki Courses in London

Reiki Courses in London

The Japanese word 'Reiki' translates to Universal spiritual life force energy.  This Universal light energy flows through all of us and every living thing.  When this energy flows freely, unhindered by any resistance, disempowering thoughts or emotions, every cell in our body can heal itself and reach its goal of thriving wellbeing. We feel grounded, relaxed, happy and emotionally balanced. We have clarity of thought and can cope more easily as we encounter life's expected and unexpected challenges.

The Usui Reiki 1, 2 and Master Training Courses are taught by Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Gwen Allison, my lineage goes back to the founder of Reiki Mikao Usui and includes both Japanese and western Usui Reiki teachings which enriches the experience of my students. 


My courses are accredited by the UK Reiki Federation and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) 

Being able to share this simple method of harnessing divine Reiki energy for the healing of self and others is truly a pleasure. Reiki has enhanced my life in so many, deeply transformative ways that I am always excited to be in a room with like-minded souls, open to understanding, experiencing and sharing. I am always left in awe as they recount their experiences following a Reiki healing practice treatment or Reiki meditation.

 I prefer to keep my class sizes small to ensure everyone gets the attention they need. This also allows plenty of time for practice, questions and enlightening exploratory discussions. The friendly, encouraging and supportive space created by all of us makes the courses highly enjoyable.

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Reiki Training

Reiki 1

starts you on your path by awakening the Reiki energy already within you and teaches you how to use your hands to connect to and sense this energy. 

Reiki 2

continues  your journey by allowing you to focus inwards, learn new meditation techniques and use the energy in different ways for healing. If you would like to have your own Reiki Practice one day, this course will also cover everything you need to know.

Reiki Master

is the final stage in the journey and brings deeper awareness of self, energy and our connection to all living things. Intuitive Reiki is nurtured and practiced.  Students also learn how to attune others to Reiki and how to teach Reiki. 

Professional Diploma

This CNHC and UKRF approved programme is designed to enable a Reiki Practitioner to register with the Government founded Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC) so they can work with the NHS and other professional environments where verification is required.