40 uplifting affirmation cards based on the Law of Attraction - END OF LINE STOCK 


**Pelase note that, due to high printing costs, once the current remaining stock has has been sold this item will no longer be available to purchase.**


Our thoughts and feelings create our reality so each card has been thoughtfully created by me to positively inspire you and to evoke a feeling of wellbeing within you.


With four beautifully mystic designs on the back, the cards offer powerfully positive affirmations, focused on self-love, relationships, wealth and health.


These cards are a good size (similar to large tarot cards) and can be carried around in a handbag.


Choose to read or meditate with one card a day or a few at a time or place the most meaningful card where you can see it everyday to help shift your internal perspective and therefore positively change your external world.




"Beautiful affirmation cards! Very inspiring! I love pulling one everyday and carrying it with me through the day! Fast shipping and safely packaged! I highly recommend this shop! 💜" - Jennifer


"Words are SO important! Especially affirmative ones! We all need to be encouraged by ourselves and others to be the best every day! Gwen is amazing to work with! I've NEVER seen packaging so beautiful! I always hate to unwrap it but eventually I do!! Lol! These are a "must have" especially in the world today!!" - Dancing Debbie


"Such beautiful cards! Thank you!" - Jessica


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Positive Affirmation Cards

  • Size of each card: L 6cm x W 3.75cm.