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The Power Of The Universe

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Creating Space - Floating Atoms

I've often said that the Universe loves to fill a vacuum. It is always expanding, so when we are looking to manifest something specific into our life, as well as using visualisation and affirmations etc, creating space for it to come through can be an important part of the manifestation process.

  • If you're starting a new business, creating space in your diary for your potential client appointments by blocking out client time is a signal to the Universe that you are ready to receive your clients.

  • If you're looking to attract a new love relationship, decluttering your bedroom (particularly items from or belonging to your ex), making space in your wardrobe, leaving a draw empty and sleeping on one side of the bed, sends signals to the Universe that you are ready to welcome someone new.

  • Sometimes the Universe clears space for you. For example, when you've been working on your self-growth or spirituality, over time you might find that some old friendships dissolve and fall away in order to make way for new friends who are more in alignment with your current, higher vibration.

  • If something feels like it's breaking down or becoming chaotic, this is often the Universe clearing space for the arrival of something much better, so try not to meet it with too much resistance and instead, follow where it wants to take you.

Let me know if this resonates with you. 💖


Gwen x


Gwen Allison

Is a Transformation Coach, Spiritual Business Coach, Accredited Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher with a desire to open your mind to new possibilities, whilst gently guiding you towards your goals and personal transformations.

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