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Beyond The Law of Attraction

Most of us know the basics about the Law of Attraction - We ask, it's created by the Universe, then we receive. It sounds simple in theory but we know it's not that easy in reality. If it were, I think we would all be living it large in the south of France with our soulmate by our side and millions in the bank. 😎

The key to the Law of Attraction is to get into an allowing state once we've done the asking. When we move into an allowing state we become a vibrational match to what we want. We are no longer blocking or resisting what the Universe is trying to deliver to us.

Here are 5 ways to get into a state of allowing:

  1. Writing a daily Gratitude List where you are thankful for everything you can think of, large or small.

  2. Daily Scripting - This is where you write your ideal story as if you already have what you want. It can be as long or as short as you like so long as it feels good. You might script about a typical day in your new life or an event and it should be filled with loads of emotional words.

  3. Act As If - Act as if you already have the thing you want. Feel the feeling of it. If it's a new car you want, test drive it. If it's a new home, walk around the area you want to move to and visit homes for sale in that area. If it's a new love partner, walk as if they were walking next to you. If you want to start your own business, get some business cards printed. You can even have role-play conversations with your friends.

  4. Vision Board - The time you spend creating your vision board puts you in the most powerful state of allowing. You could find yourself spending an hour or two completely immersed in pure, positive, future thinking.

  5. Have Fun! - You accept that you've done all you need to do in terms of asking and so now you just let go and trust it's coming. You choose to live your life to the fullest and have as much fun as possible. Being in this state of joy makes you a vibrational match to all of your desires allowing them to flow to you easily.

Some of these processes may seem like you're just pretending but whilst you're doing them, you are radiating out a signal that is an exact frequency match to what you want to attract. It's definitely worth a try. 💕


Gwen x

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Gwen Allison

Is a Transformation Coach, Spiritual Business Coach, Accredited Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher with a desire to open your mind to new possibilities, whilst gently guiding you towards your goals and personal transformations.

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