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The Emotional Scale

emotional scale

I had a great conversation with a lovely lady who was reading a book that I had read several years ago by Abraham Hicks (Law of Attraction) called 'Ask and it’s Given'. She reminded me about the chapter on the 'Emotional Guidance Scale' and it was really heart-warming to hear her reveal that she now predominantly resides somewhere within the top 5 emotions on the scale.

I’ve put an image below so you can take a look. With the Emotional Guidance Scale, the intention is not to jump all the way from Fear to Joy or even go through the scale one emotion at a time but to move steadily upwards from wherever we happen to be. The scale allows us to be compassionate with ourselves as we reach for the next best feeling thought.

We see that Anger can be good if we’re in Depression because it moves us out of powerlessness. Of course, we don't want to stay in Anger for too long but it can definitely be a step in the right direction emotionally.

Often, when someone suffering from depression reflects on their experiences and shifts to anger, those around them become uncomfortable, preferring them to be quietly immersed in their sadness, not realising that anger can be a route out of that hopelessness. When this anger is met with the disapproval of others, the person will most likely retreat back into depression, missing the opportunity to break the cycle.


How do we move up the Scale?

In his book, 'Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender' David Hawkins not only gives us a scale of emotions, calibrated to a vibrational frequency (shown below) but he also details a technique for moving up the emotional scale.

In short, he tells us how to raise our vibration gradually, not by ignoring, hiding or suppressing what we're feeling but by having compassion for our emotions, understanding that they are energy and sitting with them in a non-judgemental way. He teaches us how to use the breath to allow the associated thoughts to come up without latching onto them. It’s a very effective process for dealing with ‘negative’ emotions and is based on an emotional release method called ‘The Sedona’ Method’.

I highly recommend both books if you're wanting to explore this topic more. 🦋


Gwen x

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Gwen Allison

Is a Transformation Coach, Spiritual Business Coach, Accredited Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher with a desire to open your mind to new possibilities, whilst gently guiding you towards your goals and personal transformations.

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