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Spontaneous Healing

Updated: Sep 16

Spontaneous Healing - Flowers

I've mentioned before that there are 3 main ways to change our cells;

  • Physical Trauma - For example, we fall and hurt ourselves, break something or cut ourselves.

  • Chemically - This might be something we ingest (foods, poisons, drugs), something we put on our body (creams, shampoos etc) or something we inhale (a gas, cigarettes etc)

  • Energetically - This includes electricity, magnetic energy, sound and light.

I want to explore the effect of energy on our cells and our bodies so we can better understand what might be happening during the energy-healing process.

One of my Reiki 1 students experienced spontaneous healing. We were all so happy for her. She had been suffering from a painful neck for weeks and had tried various treatments and painkillers but nothing would shift it. After her 5-minute Reiki Attunement on the first day, the pain completely disappeared!

So why did this happen?


Our body is surrounded by an electromagnetic field which scientists call a 'biofield'. Spiritually we call it an 'Aura' but it has been proven to exist. Scientists state that all living things have an energy field flowing through them and surrounding them.

This biofield can even be seen by some people and can be photographed using the special camera invented in Russia in 1939 called a Kirlian camera. I've put a couple of Kirlian images below.

Our organs and cells also have a biofield surrounding them containing electricity, magnetic energy and light. This energy vibrates at a particular frequency and this frequency contains information - information about our health, our sense of self, our state of being and our mood.

The heart actually has the strongest electromagnetic field of all our organs, reaching out at least 12 feet beyond us, so we are exchanging information with each other energetically even before we utter a single word.

In terms of healing, energy-based modalities such as Reiki, Quantum Touch and Qigong affect our cells by flooding the body or an area of the body with spiritual love energy.

You might recall me saying that love has a very high vibrational frequency, so this results in a change in the environment within which the cells reside and therefore any damaged cells can begin to heal themselves.

These healing modalities also bring light energy into the body which affects the biofield of our cells. This light contains new information that together with electromagnetic energy, can affect our cells at a DNA level which can occasionally lead to instantaneous healing.

If you think of a mutated or damaged cell as having a chaotic order and a very low vibrational frequency, the light and electromagnetic energy received from something like Reiki contains information or 'a code' that returns order and coherence to that 'disordered' cell.

Sadly, spontaneous healing can't be predicted but it seems to occur when the person has let go of all resistance, they are usually deeply relaxed and in a high-frequency emotional state like gratitude, joy or love. Like my student, they might not even be focused on their healing at the time. They are simply open and ready to receive. So beautiful...💜


Gwen x


Gwen Allison

Is a Transformation Coach, Spiritual Business Coach, Accredited Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher with a desire to open your mind to new possibilities, whilst gently guiding you towards your goals and personal transformations.

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