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Updated: Nov 22, 2022

How to manage positive energy at work.
Positive work place energy. Team meeting

At the beginning of her coaching journey, one of my clients shared how much she dreaded her work's weekly team meeting. Each week her manager would express her hatred for her job and focus only on the things that were going wrong. Everyone would leave the meeting feeling despondent and unmotivated. One of her team even resigned because he'd had enough of the negativity and feeling of dread each week.

My client knew how she wanted everyone to feel during and after the meeting so I taught her some simple tools that would allow her to easily focus on the outcome she wanted for the meeting.

The following week she told me the meeting had gone really well. She was amazed at how much happier everyone was. At the meeting, there was a friendly conversation, collaboration and the sprouting of some really good ideas. She was blown away by how easily and quickly things worked. As each week passed, the meeting continued to be positive and uplifting.

So why did this positive focus work so well?

It worked because no one else was doing it. No one else was managing their own energy let alone the energy of the gathering. The result was an energy soup formed from everyone's complaining or suffering and it was this soup, this energy field, that everyone was walking into as well as contributing to.

When one person is managing their energy and the energy of the gathering in a positive way for the benefit of all, everyone attending rises to that higher vibration and things can be different.

Energy Wave

If you try this approach, let me know how you get on. 💖


Gwen x


Gwen Allison

Is a Transformation Coach, Spiritual Business Coach, Accredited Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher with a desire to open your mind to new possibilities, whilst gently guiding you towards your goals and personal transformations.

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