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Fear of Facing Deep Emotions

Updated: Mar 9

Fear of facing emotions

Some of us carry a past memory that triggers a strong emotion whenever the memory begins to resurface. Our default behaviour is to quickly push that memory away so the feeling bound to that memory can be kept below the radar of our full consciousness. We often avoid dealing with the emotion as we fear its energy will be so strong it will take us to unfathomable depths of despair, leaving us unable to swim our way back to safety again.

The result is the existence of a subtle but constant, underlying, vibrational shadow of this emotion or a feeling of emptiness where it resides.


For my client, the shadow emotions were sadness and guilt rooted in the passing of her mother when she was only 16 years old.  Now, in her late 40s, she could see that she had not properly processed her grief or released the guilt. Her fear was that if she tried to face this grief, she would possibly not survive the overwhelming energy, emotions and thoughts it would surely bring forth.

However, the prospect of living this way for decades to come was enough to open her up to receiving the teachings I shared and so she sat and prepared for the worst. As she connected to that unloved part of herself, the emotions began to rise and the tears began to flow, releasing years of denied feelings and energy.

She stayed with how she was feeling and compassionately soothed herself in a way she had not done before. Then she felt the love, the love of her mother, the love for that 16-year-old girl, the love of the Universe and her heart swelled with pure light.

When she reflected back at our Empowerment Circle the following week, she shared her surprise that the stored emotions were not as profound or as horrid as she had anticipated. She was able to observe what was happening, how she felt, where she felt it and in doing so, she became the space that the emotion needed in order to be freed.

That evening, she connected so strongly with her mother's angelic spirit, that she baked a cake her mother often made, without knowing or following a recipe but simply by listening to her mother's ethereal guidance. She shared a photo of her cake in our Whatsapp group. The deep sadness had softened allowing her to feel her mother's essence in a really powerful way.

Of course, only you know if you are ready to face a long-held, deep emotion like sadness, guilt, anger or shame in this way but often the fear of sitting with it is far stronger than the emotion we are trying to protect ourselves from. It's certainly something to ponder on, perhaps within the loving light of meditation and see where it leads you... 💜🌟


Gwen x



Gwen Allison

Is an expert Life Transformational Coach, Spiritual Business Coach, Accredited Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher with a desire to open your mind to new possibilities, whilst gently guiding you towards your goals and personal transformations.

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