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Cellular Health

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Did you know that there are 3 main ways to change a human cell? This is something I share with my Reiki students but I wanted to share it with you too because it's so fascinating.

Physical Trauma

One way to change our cells is through physical trauma. If you fall over and cut your knee, at the point of the cut, you have obviously damaged some cells and the body kicks in to repair the damage.


Another way to change our cells is with beneficial or harmful chemicals. This could be through ingestion, like food, drink or drugs. It could be something topical you put on your body or something you inhale like cigarettes or essential oils. The more common chemicals are those released by the central nervous system or hormones naturally released by our body like adrenalin, serotonin, growth hormones, estrogen etc.


Every cell is surrounded by a thin membrane with filament-like receptors able to receive energetic signals and decipher the information contained. These receptors respond to their environment...our body. Each cell also has an electro-magnetic and light field surrounding it.

Energy can be sent to and from the brain in the form of electrical pulses along our nerves or from our thoughts or emotions and from energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Yoga, EFT, Sound Healing, Shiatsu, Qi Gong, Quantum-Touch, etc. All send information carried at a frequency that our cells can receive and understand. Based on this information, our cells will either remain unchanged, thrive, positively mutate, negatively mutate or die.

If you'd like to look into this more check out this video by the incredible Brue Lipton.


Gwen x

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