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Ayurvedic Healing

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Ayurvedic Healing

Apart from what I've learned from listening to spiritual teachers like Sadhguru and Deepak Chopra, I know very little about Ayurveda but I am definitely drawn to understanding more.

I've always believed that food is our medicine and that nature has a remedy for every illness and disease that exists so I love my herbal teas, green superfoods, spices and smoothies.

What I didn't know about Ayurveda is that it's actually a holistic healing system that goes beyond just food as it also incorporates aspects such as yoga, massage, room energy (similar to feng shui) and even astrology! So it fully honours the connection between the mind, body and soul with its approach to healing.


Gwen x


Gwen Allison

Is a Transformation Coach, Spiritual Business Coach, Accredited Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher with a desire to open your mind to new possibilities, whilst gently guiding you towards your goals and personal transformations.

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