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Easily Fast-Track Your Manifestations

Updated: Mar 9

How to Manifest Quickly

We all have things we want to manifest in our lives. It might be material things like a beautiful home, a new car, or a particular situation like getting a new job, being a millionaire or travelling to exotic locations. it's all possible. However, things may not happen as quickly as we'd like or we believe what we want is unattainable so we spend more time noticing that we don't have them, which in turn keeps them from coming to us.

According to Quantum Physics everything is vibration and the law of attraction simply means that like vibration attracts like vibration. We send out a signal and receive what matches that. It doesn't matter that it isn't already here, the Universe is responding to your vibration and if that vibration is without any opposing resistance, like fear, doubt, impatience, then it has to send you what you are asking for. The trick to faster manifestation is to get into the feeling place of what we want. What would it really feel like to have, be or do what you want.

Manifest Quickly


Although writing down a list of the things we want to manifest is a powerful focusing tool, it's just the starting point. To really speed things up we need to focus initially on one area and imagine we already have it. We don't need to think about how we're going to get there, we simply need to fast-forward right to the end result and submerge ourselves in that feeling for a few minutes each day or several times a day. This also helps us to further clarify what we want as it gets us used to the idea of having it and takes away any feelings of resistance, unworthiness, doubt or fear that we might be feeling.

Imagine to manifest faster


I know many people who want to manifest huge amounts of money and they feel the only way to achieve this is to win the lottery but remember, money can come in many different and unexpected ways so focus only only what you want and leave the 'hows' to the Universe.

For example, if one of your goals is to be a millionaire, actually sit and imagine what that would be like, (don't think about money grabbers coming out of the woodwork!) Think positively about what you would spend your money on, where would you go on holiday? What restaurants would you eat in? Where would you live? What house(s) would you buy? How would you decorate each room? What furniture would you have? What would you do in your spare time? What businesses would you start? How much do you see in your bank account when you check it every week? Visualise it all!


If you find it hard to visualise you can use the internet to search for images of what you want - first class holidays, retreats, top restaurants, beautiful houses, yachts and don't bulk at the cost. Simply acknowledge that you can easily afford anything now you're a multi-millionaire!

You can collect images from magazines or the internet and put them into a scrap book, on a vision board or even make a PowerPoint presentation if you've got the skills. On YouTube there are quite a few cool 'Mind Movies' which are like pre-made vision boards on every possible topic like Love or business success. Even if you're good at visualising, utilising these tools means you can get into that feeling place anytime with little effort.


The Law of Attraction Prosperity Game introduced by Abraham Hicks is great! It really expands you into thinking like a millionaire. You pretend on day 1 that you have been given £1000 and this doubles everyday so Day 2 you receive £2000 etc. You have to spend it everyday - you have to spend it all! You're not allowed to save it, carry it over or give it all to charity you have to spend it.

Day 1 - £1,000

Day 2 - £2,000

Day 3 - £4,000

Day 4 - £8,000

Day 5 - £16,000

The doubling each day means you very quickly get to millions. Playing this game not only gets your mind used to having large amounts of money it also changes your vibration so it matches the vibration of great abundance and when you're in that mode money has to flow to you - like attracts like.

Imagine to manifest faster


Of course, you can do this with anything else you want, not just money. Use your powerful imagination to reach the positive feelings of having what you want. Fill in the detail but not the 'hows' and really enjoy your visulisation.

As children we did this all the time! Our imaginations were fantastic playgrounds where anything was possible. As we grew up we were forced to keep our focus on our current reality and made to believe that anything else is impossible 'pie in the sky'. We've forgotten to use our imagination for things we want and instead use it imagining the worst of every situation but it's easy to go to that fun place again and play, play, play! The minute a negative thought comes up get out of there! With practice, you can spend longer and longer visualising having what you want.

During your visualisation, remember to feel the gratitude as if you have it now and watch for the signs that you're on the right track. Eventually you will see

the physical manifestation of what you've been visualising so relax into it and have fun!

Everything is possible...


Gwen Allison

Is a Transformational Life a Coach, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher aiming to open your mind to new possibilities, whilst fully supporting you and gently guiding you towards your goals and personal shifts.

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