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The Attitude of Gratitude

Updated: Aug 21


If we really want to turn any aspect of our life around a daily Gratitude ritual is the best place to start. The feeling of gratitude or appreciation is very close to love and therefore creates a high vibrational energy that will attract more good feeling thoughts and eventually things into your life


Abraham Hicks state that when you think a positive feeling thought for just 17 seconds, it attracts a similar positive feeling thought to it. If you hold those thoughts for a further 17 seconds, again, more like minded thoughts flow to you. If you are able to hold good feeling thoughts for only 68 seconds, those thoughts are so exponentially powerful that they start to create. Things start to go well for you. You experience ‘luck’ and good fortune, the Universe begins warping and bending to bring things, people and situations to you that please you. All this just from saying ‘Thank you’!. I often compare it to the parent / child relationship. When the parent gives their child something and they see the gratitude and excitement in the child’s eyes and hear the sincerity or gratitude in their voice, they naturally want to give more. If the child is ungrateful about what they’ve received and just complains the parent isn’t inspired to give more outside of what is their duty to give and the child just gets more unsatisfactory situations to complain about. The Universe is kind of the same.


I strongly believe that anything we don’t show appreciation for and we constantly complain about gets worse. Everything is energy. I remember when I was going to sell my little car several years ago and I kept moaning and complaining about my car even though it didn’t have any functional problems and took me where I wanted to go, I couldn’t wait to buy my new car and basically resented my small car. Well that little car started breaking down once a week and even got hit by another car whilst it was parked. After a month or so I realised that my lack of appreciation was attracting all of this misfortune so I started being more grateful for my little car that had served me so well in the past and now, whilst still looking forward to my new car. Problem solved! No more break downs or bumps. I bought my new car and got a great deal on my old one! So basically, the point I'm trying to 'labouriously' make is that we have to be grateful for what we have in our life right now before more of what we truly desire will come our way.


For many of us our attention span and ability to focus is pretty low. So although thinking 17 seconds of focused positive thought doesn’t sound like much, it isn’t easy if thinking positively is not what you’re used to doing and you’ve habitually spent most of your life thinking in a negative way. Try it! Remember negative thoughts aren’t just about thinking thoughts of hate, jealousy or anger, it’s also about worrying, thoughts of loneliness, gossiping, thinking about what you don’t have, how hard things are, thoughts that make you feel sorry for yourself, thoughts of unworthiness etc. There’s quite an array there.

Writing a list of things you're grateful for every night before you go to bed or first thing in the morning, gives you that focus and not just for 17 seconds but for the time it takes you to write your list, which could be 5 minutes or more. How powerful is that!


I would start by listing at least 10 things a night but feel free to write more if it’s flowing from you easily. When I first started doing this several years ago, I challenged myself to come up with 50 things a night but found it really tough at first. Then I realised that, not only can you can list things that have happened to you that day or things that you possess but also things that occur mostly un-noticed every day of your life, such as breathing, your heart pumping blood around your body, the sun coming up in the sky, the rain, the birds, being able to walk, the food you enjoyed, your eyes seeing so vividly…anything!

Try it even for a week and see things start to shift. You’ll wake up feeling more positive each day and you’ll notice how much more positive you feel in general.

Grab your journal or a piece of paper and at the top, write:

“I am happy and grateful for…”

Then list away!

Gwen x


Gwen Allison

Is a Transformational Life a Coach, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher aiming to open your mind to new possibilities, whilst fully supporting you and gently guiding you towards your goals and personal shifts.

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