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By following the easy yet powerful steps in this uplifting challenge you will become more conscious of how your mind and thoughts affect your mood, your outlook on life and how others treat you.


With each challenge, you will begin to feel more positive, calmer and more loving towards yourself.

During this 7 Day Challenge
you will....

Learn how to shift your disempowering thoughts
So you can think more positively, expect good things and be more compassionate with yourself

Learn how to quickly lift your mood
So your mind and body can come back into balance

Learn how to forgive others and yourself
So you can live life more freely without judgement

Learn how to connect to your worthiness
So you can appreciate your value and contribution to others.

Positive thinking

Learn how to calm an over-active mind
So you can stop worrying, release stress & find moments of inner peace.

Get clear on your vision for your future
So you can create a year of positive experiences and manifestations


Hi! I'm Gwen Allison

As a transformational life coach of over 10 years and an energy healer, I feel grateful to be able to live my purpose by sharing the incredible things I have learned during my journey. Through this work, I am able to help others to heal from the past, regain confidence, nurture self-love and start creating the life they want to be living.


When you join my enjoyable 7 Day Mindset Shift Challenge you will practice some of the empowering mindset shift techniques I use with my private coaching clients to help bring them increased self-confidence, self-worth and self-love.


It's time to finally, do something for 'You'...

With love & light

Gwen x

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How it works...

7 teachings delivered daily by email.

Each email contains a link to that day's introspections and task.

Complete each task using the beautiful self-reflection worksheets or using your own personal journal.

Listen to the powerfully relaxing meditations and read the empowering mantra to raise your vibration for the day.

Share your comments and questions as you progress through each day and receive my support.

Lifetime Access means you can start anytime or revisit aspects whenever you need to.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

"Thank you for this week's Mindset Challenge, it came at a good time for me especially with the lockdown"



Image by Brooke Lark

Start Your 7 Day Journey!

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