Corporate Meditation

My name is Gwen Allison and I am a fully insured, accredited Meditation Teacher and Life Coach.

Having worked in the Corporate world of Finance at Senior Management level for over 20 years, I know first hand how pressurised things can be on an almost daily basis. 

With increased regulations and tighter deadlines, it's no surprise that stress is one of the biggest causes of absence in the workplace. 

Through the professional yet friendly facilitation of corporate meditation sessions and courses, I provide your employees with the tools they need to help reduce stress and anxiety, allowing them to feel naturally calmer, healthier and have more clarity of focus.

This will not only allow them to flourish in the workplace but in all areas of their life.

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 If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss the needs of your company further do get in touch.

Gwen Allison

Corporate Meditation
Benefits of Meditation


Reduces stress and anxiety.


Improves sleep and relaxes the mind.


Improves focus and energy levels.


Increases creativity and big picture thinking.


Brings calmness to the mind and clarity of thought.


Improves relationships with others.

  • Weekly meditation classes held online.

  • Choose 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour sessions.

  • Allows employees to relax, de-stress and reset.

  • Focuses on simple yet effective breathing techniques.

  • Up to 300 employees per session.

  • Easy to follow instructions.

  • Time for self-reflection and questions.

  • An enjoyable, interactive 1 Day course held Online or On-site.

  • Choose hours that work best for your company.

  • Learn about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

  • Practice several different forms of meditation & mindfulness throughout the day.

  • Learn effective tools to help deal with anxiety and irritation.

  • Includes time for self-reflection and questions.

  • An unlimited number of employees for the onsite course.

  • Up to 300 employees online. 

Free Calm Anxiety Meditation

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